Kathie Thaw is one of the most authentic coaches I know.  She walks her talk and has a tremendous heart.  Kathie is always learning more to grow and expand her own knowledge and always shares what she learns with others.  I have found Kathie to be very caring and compassionate, while at the same time, very knowledgeable about what a client needs to move forward and heal in their lives.  I highly recommend Kathie's services to anyone that is looking to heal, grow, and move beyond their limitations, while at the same time looking for a person that truly cares about people on a deep level.

I found Kathie to be a warm, sincere person, who was extremely sensitive to my needs during our coaching sessions.  She never told me what to do, but rather continued to ask many powerful questions until I came up with my own ideas and action steps to move forward and achieve the goals I desired.  She let me go at my own pace as I continued to get more and more clarity on what I wanted in my life.  I always felt her unconditional love and support throughout our sessions together and I am ever grateful to have had Kathie as my coach.  I would highly recommend Kathie to anyone who is serious about having abundance in all areas of their life - and who want it now!

Kathie is a naturally gifted, artful life coach who comes to every session with a fully committed heart.  In her presence, I feel seen and held in such a way that I experience with certainty that she wants only the best outcome for me.  

Every coaching session I have with Kathie leaves me feeling clear & uplifted & more aligned.  The processes & tools she taught me continue to help in times of contrast ('what I don't want') so I can quickly shift my focus.  I'm grateful for Kathie's loving, non-judgmental, wise Presence which attract & allows really wonderful/cool ideas to emerge & emotional/mental/physical clutter to fall away.   She is truly unique, artful, compassionate, & intuitive.